Bill 66: New Changes to Ontario’s Employment Legislation April 04 2019

Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, 2019, passed on April 2, 2019. This brings changes to both Ontario’s Labour Relations Act and Employment Standards Act, most significantly amending approval procedures for overtime averaging agreements and excess hours of work. A summary of these changes is as follows:

  • Employers are now able to average an employee’s hours of work over a period not exceeding 4 weeks in accordance to the terms of an averaging agreement between the employer and the employee. Approval from the Director of Employment Standards is no longer required, however, an electronic or written agreement must still be in place. Existing overtime averaging agreements in unionized workplaces will continue to be effective until another collective agreement comes into effect.
  • Employers who allow employees to exceed 48 hours of work in a work week no longer require an approval from the Director of Employment Standards, but must still have an electronic or written agreement in place.
  • The requirement to post the workers’ rights employment standards poster in the workplace has been eliminated.
  • Designated employers are now deemed to be non-construction, including municipalities and certain other entities, meaning that they are no longer required to follow the obligations established under the LRA’s “construction provisions”.

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Source: Legislative Assembly of Ontario .