Is Your Company Transparent About Pay? June 21 2019

A recent survey conducted by human capital management company Ceridian shows that 80 per cent of employees are stressed about pay and money issues. The survey also found that not making a good salary is the top factor for females not satisfied with their employer, and that out of 1,891 North American workers, only 30 per cent are completely satisfied when it comes to transparency of information about their pay. 

Lisa Sterling, Chief People and Culture Officer at Ceridian noted that “it’s unacceptable that the gender-pay gap remains a persistent issue, with only 53 per cent of women believing they are paid equal to their male counterparts.” She also noted that solving this issue requires employers to prioritize pay transparency and embrace an equal value approach to pay. For more information about pay equity and how to increase pay transparency in your workplace, we encourage you to submit a ticket through the OnDemand tab.

Source: Canadian HR Reporter