Proposed New Penalties for Federal Employers January 16 2020

The federal government plans to introduce penalties for employers who are not in compliance with employment standards legislation. Such penalties would be intended to reduce “widespread non-compliance” with the Canada Labour Code. If the new rules are approved, penalties would range from A to E, A being a less serious offence, and E being an immediate, life-threatening hazard. Spokesperson Isabelle Maheu for Employment and Social Development Canada explains that types of non-compliance can range from less serious incidences such failing to provide a pay stub needed for an investigation, to more serious violations such as dismissing an employee without cause or not having a hazard prevention program in place. In addition, there is also a possibility that an employer will be publically named for non-compliance and/or a Code violation.

We will continue to report on these amendments as more information becomes available. To view the Canada Labour Code, or employment standards legislation in your jurisdiction, please navigate to our Laws tab.

Source: Canadian HR Reporter